Within Sin City

Luxor Pyramid and Sphinx, Las Vegas, Nevada

Viva Las Vegas! Which roughly translates to, Long live the Meadows. This name may surprise you, but when Las Vegas was re-discovered over 150 years ago, it was a lush oasis surrounded by arid desert. This city has developed from a small pit stop for travelers, on their way to California, to one of the most popular vacation spots in the world.
Today it is widely known as “Sin City” and has a reputation for such activities. It is a constant party on “The Strip “, with slot machines and poker tables joined to nearly every restaurant. As you take the escalators to different levels of the city, you hear a vast variety of music from “Billy Jean” and other throw backs, to todays top 40.

New York- New York Hotel and Casino, Las Vegas, Nevada

Though Las Vegas is known for it’s boisterous environment, that is far from all this old city has to offer. Introverts and loners may both rejoice! There are many hidden treasures within the strip.

A replication of The Rialto Bridge in Venice, Las Vegas, Nevada

A gondolier serenading lovers through the canal. The Palazzo, Las Vegas, Nevada

One of my favorite places in this city was the The Grand Canal Shoppes at The Palazzo. This little corner of Vegas brought back nostalgia for my travels in Italy. The artists who erected this shopping mall were able to intricately capture the true essence of Venice; from the baroque architecture to the emphatic singing of the gondoliers, heard throughout the halls.
As you follow the trail of clouds painted onto the ceiling throughout the building, you have a progression of shoppes below. One of the more unique ones that I found was Bauman Rare Books. This store stands out amongst the neighboring clothing boutiques.

A collection of unique books. Bauman Rare Book Store, The Palazzo, Las Vegas, Nevada

Just like anywhere else, there is much more to this city than what is seen at first glance. If you do your research there are many hidden treasures to be found.