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A little bit about the founders John and Mel:

John is a native of New Jersey, USA, but was born a ramblin man. Some of his earliest memories are of him sitting in the back seat while his mom drove them to some faraway place. Cross-country trips during the summer were a common occurrence and a defining factor of who he became. He has now visited all but 2 states in the U.S. and has explored the Caribbean as well as, various places within North, Central, and South America.

Mel has lived a nomadic lifestyle since childhood and is considered a third culture kid. Who she is today is a result of the mixed cultures she’s experienced from the 4 different countries she grew up in. Her time was divided up between The United States, Iceland, Portugal (The Azores specifically) , and Italy. While living in these places she was fortunate enough to travel to many surrounding countries and feels most at home when she is exploring places new to her. As of now, she has visited 16 countries in total.