Book Launch Coming Soon!


Hey Wanderers! 

This is John and Mel, (writing from Knoxville, Tennessee) and we are excited to announce that we are in the beginning stages of organizing our book launch!

Roadtrip: The Shortest Most Effective Guide You Could Ever Need For A Roadtrip (Long Title/ Quick Guide), is a guide unlike any that exists, and that’s exactly why we are making it! If you go to the travel section of any store, online or in person, you are overwhelmed by books about sites to see and places to eat while visiting different locations. This can be a fun part of the planning process and it gets you excited about going, but anyone who is an experienced traveler will tell you that things never go exactly how you plan. Our guide simplifies some of the most stressful, inevitable parts of going on a road trip so that you can focus on the enjoyable things. We cover topics such as, how and what you actually need to pack, how to set up your vehicle if you’re car camping, useful travel hacks, how to be safe and how to find spontaneous adventures along your way!

We’re releasing this book because we both have learned many lessons about traveling the hard way and want to help you guys skip those frustrations and get on with your travels.

Until then, Wise Wanders!


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Wisewanderer grew up as a third cultured kid. Living a nomadic lifestyle, she moved to various countries and learned from many different cultures. As a result of her upbringing she has become passionate about travel and encouraging others to step outside of their comfort zone.

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